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Our recently started campaign involving the sale of “The King and the Giants” storybook aims to help two boys with disabilities – Laurentiu and Oleg, from Rascani county, Moldova. They come from different families, but share the same pain. They were born with cerebral palsy diagnosis that affected their legs and such, their ability to move freely. In both cases the parents cannot work because they have to take care of their children. Their income is the small disability pension they receive for the care of their children. Last year, the boys benefited from a surgery thanks to the money collected by the people from their community and from their classmates. Since the first one was successful and they got good results, now, Laurentiu and Oleg need a second intervention. The medical team that did the intervention comes only once a year to Moldova, and they will return in May this year. Their chance to get the treatment comes soon, but the family lacks money. We can be the team who can change their lives. Join our campaign- donate or buy a story book, and bring the happiness into these two boys’ lives.

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Regele si Uriasii salveaza 2 Copii cu Infirmitate motorie cerebrala

Dragi prieteni,

A venit momentul sa va dezvaluim scopul umanitar pentru care am inceput Campania de vinzare a cartii de povesti “Regele si uriasii.” Desi vin din familii diferite, acesti copii impart aceeasi durere: Laurentiu si Oleg locuiesc in r.Riscani si sunt diagnosticati de la nastere cu Infirmitate motorie cerebrala/paralizie cerebrala infantila. In ambele cazuri parintii nu au un loc stabil de munca intrucit ambii copii necesita asistenta si grija permanenta; si deci, unica sursa de venit al familiilor reprezinta pensia de invaliditate a copiilor.

Atit Laurentiu cit si Oleg au nevoie de o interventie chirurgicala prin stimulare cu laser care ar duce la dezvoltarea muschilor si ar intari ligamentele pentru a permite miscarea picioarelor. Echipa de medici care realizeaza astfel de interventii vine in Chisinau doar o data in an, iar in acest an se va intimpla in luna Mai.

Laurentiu si Oleg au o singura sansa anul acesta, in Mai! Este acea sansa care le-ar putea oferi mai multa independenta si stabilitate, incredere in sine si speranta! Iar noi, IMPREUNA, putem face ca acesti doi copii sa aiba parte de aceasta interventie chirurgicala; NOI putem deveni complicii acestei unici sanse din acest an! Impreuna putem face aceasta schimbare in viata lor!

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