Nisporeni hospital renovation (cont’d)

In just 2 days we have raised 1,600 lei or $ 81 dollars …
… This is how much it costs to get a new toilet that is so necessary for the pediatric ward of the regional hospital in Nisporeni !
See the below picture where we compared a simple bathroom / WC in the US and how it looks in the pediatric ward of Nisporeni ! You can make a difference too by making a small donation here : Generosity
 Irina Basarabeanu (one of the founders) says: “I am oftenly asked: Why renovate a section of a children’s hospital? Why Sweet Medicine? Why do we even care? And to all I give the same answer: Once you become a parent, you start caring for all the children in the world as if they’re your own, and a parent’s suffering becomes your own as well!
As a parent, with some life experience behind us, we can easily understand why any other parent or any person in the country would be skeptical or indecisive regarding the success of this project … And we know how hard it is to earn the trust of people who were at least once disappointed by the system in which they live in.
But we do this because we care about your children, our children, and the next generation!
We are not making these renovations for the benefit of the state, or the hospital or even that of the doctors who sworn in to save our children’s lives. We do it for our children, because their rights matter most! Our goal is to alleviate a child’s suffering who endures a serious illness and / or a painful treatment!
Join us and our cause- we need each and one of you!”
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Christmas Campaign UPDATE

Greetings dear friends! we have some great news: Our Christmas campaign was initiated to help implement our Mentoring program, but in December we had the pleasant opportunity to create new friendships through which we managed to bring a smile to some children who need us so much. Specifically, we managed to distribute donations received from Mara Woman, EduJoc and Olsa Shoes to 9 families (30 children total). These families included the teens and parents of 2 children (http://loveiskindcharity.com/case-1/), mom with 2 small kids & grandma with grandkids (http://loveiskindcharity.com/case-2/), as well as the family with 6 kids…4 of them adopted (http://www.facebook.com/l.php…).


Also , Love is Kind has made a donation of five hats from Mara Woman, filled with candy, to the mother with five children who recently fought against judicial injustice in the case of domestic violence (http://politik.md/…/video-o-orfana-cu-cinci…/35800/) …more pictures form this case coming soon! We have two hats and a pair of shoes that will be distributed to children in the oncology ward at the Mother and Child Center .
So, with your help we made so many children happy and for this we thank you!
Also, we would like to bring thousands of thanks to all of our volunteers who donated their time and finances to make all of this possible!


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Outrocious hospital conditions…

Here are some videos from the Nisporeni hospital. If the pictures shown until now haven’t convinced you yet – please see the video and see for yourself that these hospital conditions should be alarming to the whole country! Listen to these testimonies from moms who have been hospitalized there – no proper hygienic procedures followed, old beds and mattresses, lack of warm water, are these conditions appropriate for a hospital?

Thank you to the local tv station – Albasat TV which is informing the public about the state of this hospital.

Watch here: Albasat TV.

To donate towards the Sweet Medicine project, you can do so here: Generosity.



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Partnership with Caritas Moldova

We try to reach out to many people, organizations and public institutions asking to partner with us on our Sweet Medicine project. In the next few weeks we’ll give you more information about our partnership with the non-profit: “Caritas“, which has helped us with advice, as well as donations.

If you know of any organizations or people that could help us with our Renovation of the Kids’ department at the Nisporeni hospital, please let us know!

On the picture: Otilia Sirbu (director at Caritas Moldova) and Natalia Luncas-Ionel (Sweet Medicine project coordinator).

To donate towards the project, you can do so through Generosity website.


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Sweet Medicine project featured by JurnalTV

Natalia Luncas-Ionel went live on JurnalTV to promote the Sweet Medicine project, where she raised awareness about the Nisporen Hospital’s terrible conditions. You can see the clip here:

JurnalTV Interview



To donate towards the renovation of the Pediatrics Section of the Nisporeni hospital, please click here.

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Moldovan-American Convention in NYC

While attending the Moldovan-American Convention in NYC, I had the opportunity to meet some exceptional people – some Moldovans who have emigrated, and some who have returned back to Moldova. There was a clear message at the convention: more than ever, Moldova needs us (those that have left, and those still in MD) to combine efforts and try to change the country’s destiny for the better. Putting all our differences aside, each one of us is responsible to offer a better future to our kids!

RO version:

La conventia Moldo-Americana din NY am avut ocazia sa intalnim persone cu adevarat exceptionale: atit moldoveni din Diaspora din SUA cat si cei reintorsi in tara. Mesajul primit de la conventie a fost unul foarte clar- Mai mult ca oricand, Moldova are nevoie de noi toti (cei de acasa si cei plecati) sa ne unim fortele si sa incercam impreuna sa schimbam destinul tarii in unul mai bun. Indiferent de aportul adus- fie unul politic, social sau economic- fiecare din noi e responsabil pentru a oferi un viitor mai bun copiilor nostri!


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Sweet Medicine Project cont’d

“Sweet Medicine” project should make everyone alarmed with the current non-sanitary conditions of the hospitals in Moldova. On this picture you see a mom and a baby of a few months who are hospitalized at the Nisporeni hospital. They’re missing basic necessities: a crib, a bed for mom, who had to bring her own bed sheets. You’ll notice there is water on the batter (by the window) being warmed up, as the hospital only has cold water.

We invite you to join our project, donate and get involved however you can. You can donate here: Generosity.


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Tudor Vlas…to paint murals

Tudor Vlas is a student, and passionate about Art and Guitar, he offered to paint the walls in the “happy corner” of the Nisporeni hospital. He will help us out with the murals, others will donate toys and books. It’s important to make a positive change for the hospitalized kids.

Important note: ANY help is appreciated, not just financial. Please contact us if you have any toys, or any of the items on the ‘needed’ list. We’re trying to make a difference for the kids who end up at the hospital.

If you’d like to donate financially, you can do so here: Sweet Medicine.


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Sweet Medicine project volunteers

“Sweet Medicine” project has more volunteers from Nisporeni! Natalia, who is the coordinator is recruiting volunteers, and there are 3 big fundraising events coming up. There is a lot of work to do!

You can follow the progress here on the blog, and you can donate Donate to Sweet Medicine.

Thank you for all your support!


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Sweet Medicine campaign

We’re happy to announce and Thank CCF – Moldova in supporting us in the fundraising for the Nisporeni Regional Hospital’s renovation of their Pediatrics Section.

We hope that together we can bring smiles to the kids’ who are (or will be) hospitalized at that hospital.

More about CCF – Moldova: click Here.

To donate to the Campaign: click on – Sweet Medicine.