Nisporeni hospital renovation (cont’d)

In just 2 days we have raised 1,600 lei or $ 81 dollars …
… This is how much it costs to get a new toilet that is so necessary for the pediatric ward of the regional hospital in Nisporeni !
See the below picture where we compared a simple bathroom / WC in the US and how it looks in the pediatric ward of Nisporeni ! You can make a difference too by making a small donation here : Generosity
 Irina Basarabeanu (one of the founders) says: “I am oftenly asked: Why renovate a section of a children’s hospital? Why Sweet Medicine? Why do we even care? And to all I give the same answer: Once you become a parent, you start caring for all the children in the world as if they’re your own, and a parent’s suffering becomes your own as well!
As a parent, with some life experience behind us, we can easily understand why any other parent or any person in the country would be skeptical or indecisive regarding the success of this project … And we know how hard it is to earn the trust of people who were at least once disappointed by the system in which they live in.
But we do this because we care about your children, our children, and the next generation!
We are not making these renovations for the benefit of the state, or the hospital or even that of the doctors who sworn in to save our children’s lives. We do it for our children, because their rights matter most! Our goal is to alleviate a child’s suffering who endures a serious illness and / or a painful treatment!
Join us and our cause- we need each and one of you!”
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Toys for kids in Moldova

Immigrant Integration Association of France” has a noble initiative. In the month of January and February they will collect toys for children in Moldova. We support similar humanitarian projects, and we’re grateful that this organization thought about the children of Love is Kind families as beneficiaries for their project. Kindness does not have borders!

More info about their initiative:


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Happy 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone! We find ourselves today at the beginning of a new year and at an end of another of our campaigns: The campaign « In the Spirit of Christmas » is about to start the implementation of the mentoring project for a group of vulnerable children from Moldova. Before that, Love is Kind plans to surprise its beneficiaries with various presents.

This week our partner – EduJoc offered to donate games and toys specifically targeted to the children’s ages. At the same time EduJoc wants to continue the fundraising through the sales of the below sets in January and February! We encourage you to buy from EduJoc and to make not just your kinds happy, but also those who live in difficulties! We thank you in advance! We also thank EduJoc for their support!


(picture via

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Partnership with EduJoc

If you want to be part of Santa’s team this year, EduJoc  and Love is Kind can make your dream come true! Buying any of the 6 sets of toys (see at the bottom w/ links), you will bring lots of Christmas joy not just to your kids but to disadvantaged children as well! You will benefit of 10% reduction from the original price and other 20% will be donated for the implementation of our “Christmas Spirit” project!

Shop here:


About EduJoc (in Romanian):

Suntem o echipa de tineri entuziasti care ne manifestam grija pentru generatiile viitoare, ne place sa credem ca putem contribui alaturi de parinti si educatori la formarea educarea si cresterea armonioasa a unei genaratii noi, pe care noua ne place so numim generatia Edujoc. Victor Hugo care spunea: ,,cu fiecare copil pe care-l educăm, câştigăm un om”, noi ne dorim sa castigam cat mai multi oameni!
      Am creat EduJoc pentru a promova dezvoltarea mintală, învățarea continuă și activă în rândul copiilor. Propunem o gamă largă de jocuri de rol și jucării educaționale extrem de utile pentru a stimula și valorifica potențialul creativ al copiilor.
      Jucariile noastre nu sunt jucarii obisnuite, sunt jucarii cu mult suflet, iar valoarea pe care o gereaza acestea depasesc cu mult pretul platit, sunt jucarii de care copiii nu se vor plictisi niciodata!
     Oferim jucarii cu valoare, jucarii care sa contribuie la dezvoltarea abilitatilor esentiale la copii, acompaniem si ajutăm părinții să le ofere copiilor cele mai bune și potrivite jucării, pentru ca este foarte important ca jucaria sa fie potrivita varstei si temperamentului copilului, adica jucaria potrivita la momentul potrivit!

– See more at:



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time is running out……

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child. A child’s life is not a snapshot from a commercial with always smiling faces and easy solutions… It’s tough to always be a good mom or dad to your kid no matter your financial situation or social status as raising a child means so much more then that. Being present, patient and caring can make a difference!
Every step counts. Every donation matters. Love Is Kind.

Buy a Shirt.


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