As promised on Monday, today we come to you with another beautiful soul and Love is Kind partner- Mariana Madan! Mariana will play a very important role in one of our future programs! Stay tuned as we will make that public very soon! 🙂
Her Story:

“Hello everyone! My name is Mariana and I am from Chisinau, Moldova. As a student, I have volunteered in various non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to our society. Moreover, I was always affected by those people who do not have many opportunities in life, who come from vulnerable families especially, children from orphanages. I have always tried to help because I believe that these children deserve a better life, as it is not their fault that they are in a situation like this. Love is Kind, is a perfect organization through which we all can contribute by helping people in need. Through this organization, I want to help to raise awareness of the society and try to find a solution together. Dear friends, someone’s life is in our hands, and someone is waiting for our help.
Let’s not be indifferent, because, Love is Kind! Help us prove it to the world.”