Inspiring Teen Parents-

Eugenia and Victor are two young and courageous fighters. Eugenia-17 and Victor -18 are proud parents of a beautiful, blue-eyed, 8 month old baby girl. Also, they’ve recently found out that they are expecting another child that will soon join their little family. Abandoned by their own parents as kids, Eugenia and Victor were raised in orphanages, with no parental care or love and without a guaranteed future or safety net. Now, though struggling with poverty and lack of support, they promised to themselves they would do anything for the well being of their kids, fight for a better life and most importantly surround them with unconditional love- one of the things they missed most as children.

The family lives in an old, abandoned house in one of the suburbs of Kishinau, the capital of Moldova. The house used to belong to Eugenia’s mom who due to her alcohol addiction left it unattended and became, with time, shelter to homeless people. Eugenia “inherited” the house and from lack of better alternatives, the young family decided to move into the house and make it their own. They succeeded to clean it up from the disastrous state it used to be but still much more needs to be done…Victor is the only one working in the family receiving $100-200 monthly paycheck that is barely enough to cover food and baby essentials. However, their dream and hope is that one day they will be able to gather enough money to repair the house and provide their children a loving family and home.

Child Protective Services has warned the couple that if they do not improve their child’s living conditions they risk taking their baby girl away from them.  The news were devastating enough but when they found out about the second baby, the parents lost their sleep worried of how they will be able to provide for their family with no education and/or a more stable job and no financial support from relatives or state.

Please help us make their dream come true so that they can keep their babies close to them…always.

For long term stability, the young family would need $6000 to restore their home and buy some basic home goods:

House Repairs
1. Insulated windows -5
2. Doors- 4
3. Construction materials (paint, wood, etc.)
4. Builders’ fee
5. Connecting the house to gas and water

Household goods
1. Washer & drier
2, Fridge
3. New beds
4. Dining table and chairs
5. Living room furniture