Today’s we’re featuring Inna, as one of Love is Kind‘s partners:

“My name is Inna and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Tighina, Moldova! Despite my age, sometimes I still feel like a child; maybe this is why I love children and I have always felt so much compassion for all the suffering kids around the world. I know that great things can happen and change this world for the better when each one of us will decide to be a part of this change. I believe Love is always Kind and at the end of the day just Love matters, just Love makes us happy, and just Love will save us all! Because it is such a joy to know that you made a child smile, I already decided that if I can help anybody I will do it without any hesitation. No matter how far I live from my home country I will never forget about my roots and the people that are still living there!”
Inna Damaschin
Job: Store Manager
Lives in: Hickory, NC, USA
Hometown: Tighina (Bender), Republic of Moldova