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Gift of a Lifetime…update

Dear friends,

Together with CCF we managed to buy a home for the single mother (Diana) with two little children! (Gift of a Lifetime project) They moved into their new home and they are so excited about it. There is still some paperwork that needs to be done but hopefully we’ll be able to receive all the necessary documents within a month. The cost of the house was $1,990 of which we contributed $620 and HHC (CCF UK) provided with the rest, a total of $1,270.


We have also transferred the rest of the donated money from GoFundMe to CCF – a total of $612 (net amount w/out the transfer fees). These funds will be used in the purchase of a house for the grandma and her two grandkids!


We would like to thank everyone again for all the support and help with these 2 projects! Only together we were able to make their dreams come true!

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Love is Kind “Partners Program”

We love Fridays for so many reasons, and today we have one more – Due to “Love is Kind Partners” program our team has grown to a total of 11 good-hearted people!

In the next few weeks we promise to find a creative way and introduce each one of them to you! Thank you everyone for taking this journey with us!
~”Love is Kind” team


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