Outrocious hospital conditions…

Here are some videos from the Nisporeni hospital. If the pictures shown until now haven’t convinced you yet – please see the video and see for yourself that these hospital conditions should be alarming to the whole country! Listen to these testimonies from moms who have been hospitalized there – no proper hygienic procedures followed, old beds and mattresses, lack of warm water, are these conditions appropriate for a hospital?

Thank you to the local tv station – Albasat TV which is informing the public about the state of this hospital.

Watch here: Albasat TV.

To donate towards the Sweet Medicine project, you can do so here: Generosity.



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Sweet Medicine Project cont’d

“Sweet Medicine” project should make everyone alarmed with the current non-sanitary conditions of the hospitals in Moldova. On this picture you see a mom and a baby of a few months who are hospitalized at the Nisporeni hospital. They’re missing basic necessities: a crib, a bed for mom, who had to bring her own bed sheets. You’ll notice there is water on the batter (by the window) being warmed up, as the hospital only has cold water.

We invite you to join our project, donate and get involved however you can. You can donate here: Generosity.


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“Sweet Medicine” project

For the past 10 years, nothing has been updated in the Pediatrics section of the Nisporeni Regional hospital. However, Love is kind, along with the city mayor – Grigore Robu, who promised to support us in this project by finding volunteers, providing premises to meet and fund-raise, etc… would like to renovate the children’s section of the hospital to improve the conditions for future kids who will be hospitalized.

With the help of the city citizens and other big-hearted people we can help kids who have to get through sickness. Please consider donating here: Sweet Medicine project.


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