Christmas Campaign UPDATE

Greetings dear friends! we have some great news: Our Christmas campaign was initiated to help implement our Mentoring program, but in December we had the pleasant opportunity to create new friendships through which we managed to bring a smile to some children who need us so much. Specifically, we managed to distribute donations received from Mara Woman, EduJoc and Olsa Shoes to 9 families (30 children total). These families included the teens and parents of 2 children (, mom with 2 small kids & grandma with grandkids (, as well as the family with 6 kids…4 of them adopted (…).


Also , Love is Kind has made a donation of five hats from Mara Woman, filled with candy, to the mother with five children who recently fought against judicial injustice in the case of domestic violence (…/video-o-orfana-cu-cinci…/35800/) …more pictures form this case coming soon! We have two hats and a pair of shoes that will be distributed to children in the oncology ward at the Mother and Child Center .
So, with your help we made so many children happy and for this we thank you!
Also, we would like to bring thousands of thanks to all of our volunteers who donated their time and finances to make all of this possible!


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Partnership with EduJoc

If you want to be part of Santa’s team this year, EduJoc  and Love is Kind can make your dream come true! Buying any of the 6 sets of toys (see at the bottom w/ links), you will bring lots of Christmas joy not just to your kids but to disadvantaged children as well! You will benefit of 10% reduction from the original price and other 20% will be donated for the implementation of our “Christmas Spirit” project!

Shop here:


About EduJoc (in Romanian):

Suntem o echipa de tineri entuziasti care ne manifestam grija pentru generatiile viitoare, ne place sa credem ca putem contribui alaturi de parinti si educatori la formarea educarea si cresterea armonioasa a unei genaratii noi, pe care noua ne place so numim generatia Edujoc. Victor Hugo care spunea: ,,cu fiecare copil pe care-l educăm, câştigăm un om”, noi ne dorim sa castigam cat mai multi oameni!
      Am creat EduJoc pentru a promova dezvoltarea mintală, învățarea continuă și activă în rândul copiilor. Propunem o gamă largă de jocuri de rol și jucării educaționale extrem de utile pentru a stimula și valorifica potențialul creativ al copiilor.
      Jucariile noastre nu sunt jucarii obisnuite, sunt jucarii cu mult suflet, iar valoarea pe care o gereaza acestea depasesc cu mult pretul platit, sunt jucarii de care copiii nu se vor plictisi niciodata!
     Oferim jucarii cu valoare, jucarii care sa contribuie la dezvoltarea abilitatilor esentiale la copii, acompaniem si ajutăm părinții să le ofere copiilor cele mai bune și potrivite jucării, pentru ca este foarte important ca jucaria sa fie potrivita varstei si temperamentului copilului, adica jucaria potrivita la momentul potrivit!

– See more at:



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New partner for our Christmas Campaign…

Today we are launching a wonderful campaign- “Mara Winter Hats- Buy One, Give One”!

Together – with all of you and Love is Kind organization – we set ourselves a goal to warm up as many kids in need as possible. Only in December, by buying one of our classic beanies, we will donate another one, plus 10% to the Love is Kind organization, that will make sure that all of them reach out to all the kids in need. Are you in?
Order your beanie online, and we will make another one for a kid, purchase here: Mara store.
International delivery available.


About MARA:

Mara Woman aims to create a favorable environment, where women have access to jobs, information, trainings and a community worth living in.

By buying this product, you are contributing to the creation of job opportunities for women in the rural areas and social projects in their community.



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In the Spirit of Christmas…

2/10/16 Update: We have great news: In January, our volunteers managed to distribute most of the donations collected during our Christmas campaign to 9 families or a total of 30 children. Thank you everyone for all your help and support! 

PS: see below for pictures and some receipts! Also, see our Facebook page for more details!

We are presenting to you today our new fundraising campaign – “In the Spirit of Christmas!” Winter holidays are fast approaching and we are all starting to feel a bit more like the child that we were one day- one full of hope, innocence and imagination! Those cherished times, when our dreams would come true and fairy tales and Santa Claus were real. So today we ask of you to remember your happiest Christmas day and then try to recreate or bring that same joy to an abandoned, abused or sick child…a child in need for our help and attention. And this is how we see our new campaign! We want to show these children that Santa Clause is real for them too. This campaign promotes our mentoring program that targets youth between ages of 18 to 23 years old that would like to give back to the community and become a mentor to a less fortunate child between ages of 6 to 18 years old. Love is Kind team would also like to raise awareness and encourage the spirit of volunteering in Moldova and we hope that you all can help us do that successfully!
Love is Kind doesn’t stop in helping children by providing with basic necessities; we want them to feel that they are a part of our family. Remember the story of Kate and Victor -(
Well, our plan is to do the following:
1. For one year, the organization will sponsor monthly trips for the brother and sister and for so many other kids just like them, to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. There, our young volunteers will introduce them to the world of art through various visits to the museum, theater, opera, bookstores and so many other fun things that otherwise these children would never get to experience on their own.
2. Our young mentors will commit to this program for at least one year and they will share their knowledge, time and experience with their mentees.
3. The raised funds will help the organization to pay for the children’ transportation costs, various activities in the city and meals. The more funds we raise, the more kids will be able to join this wonderful program!
We invite you to help Santa put 12 unforgettable trips under these children’ Christmas tree. Thank you!
You can make donations here: “Spirit of Christmas campaign”.



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