Nisporeni hospital renovation (cont’d)

In just 2 days we have raised 1,600 lei or $ 81 dollars …
… This is how much it costs to get a new toilet that is so necessary for the pediatric ward of the regional hospital in Nisporeni !
See the below picture where we compared a simple bathroom / WC in the US and how it looks in the pediatric ward of Nisporeni ! You can make a difference too by making a small donation here : Generosity
 Irina Basarabeanu (one of the founders) says: “I am oftenly asked: Why renovate a section of a children’s hospital? Why Sweet Medicine? Why do we even care? And to all I give the same answer: Once you become a parent, you start caring for all the children in the world as if they’re your own, and a parent’s suffering becomes your own as well!
As a parent, with some life experience behind us, we can easily understand why any other parent or any person in the country would be skeptical or indecisive regarding the success of this project … And we know how hard it is to earn the trust of people who were at least once disappointed by the system in which they live in.
But we do this because we care about your children, our children, and the next generation!
We are not making these renovations for the benefit of the state, or the hospital or even that of the doctors who sworn in to save our children’s lives. We do it for our children, because their rights matter most! Our goal is to alleviate a child’s suffering who endures a serious illness and / or a painful treatment!
Join us and our cause- we need each and one of you!”
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Olsa Shoes

During our campaign « In the Spirit of Christmas » we managed to attain many beautiful results, and we will present them to you in the following weeks. Today, we want to mention the donation from Olsa Shoes, a workshop of high quality handmade shoes with over 30 years of experience, located in Chisinau, Moldova. The staff from Olsa Shoes learned about Love is Kind through our partner – Mara Woman and offered 10 pairs of shoes for the children who are included in our projects. We already have the list of the beneficiaries and they will receive their presents in the nearest future!


We have been touched by the willingness of Olsa Shoes to join us! We thank them very much for their generosity, and also thank Mara Woman for adding a new partner to our list of supporters!

To read more about Olsa, click here.

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Inna Damaschin

Today’s we’re featuring Inna, as one of Love is Kind‘s partners:

“My name is Inna and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Tighina, Moldova! Despite my age, sometimes I still feel like a child; maybe this is why I love children and I have always felt so much compassion for all the suffering kids around the world. I know that great things can happen and change this world for the better when each one of us will decide to be a part of this change. I believe Love is always Kind and at the end of the day just Love matters, just Love makes us happy, and just Love will save us all! Because it is such a joy to know that you made a child smile, I already decided that if I can help anybody I will do it without any hesitation. No matter how far I live from my home country I will never forget about my roots and the people that are still living there!”
Inna Damaschin
Job: Store Manager
Lives in: Hickory, NC, USA
Hometown: Tighina (Bender), Republic of Moldova


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Our first “Partner” featured….

Today we are taking a very, very short brake from our campaign to present you one of our first Love is Kind partners – Oana O’Brien.

A little about Oana:
“I’ve known since I was a child that when I grew up I wanted to help those less fortunate than myself. My first fundraising effort was a project I started my senior year of high school: I got my friends and classmates together to raise money, clothes, and food for the families of underprivileged kids with special needs in my hometown of Brasov, Romania. The need for help in that case was something that I came across unexpectedly. After that however I sought out causes that I could help with and I’ve been involved in fundraising ever since. Most recently I helped my husband fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital as he trained for the 2015 Boston Marathon and the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon, both of which he completed like a champ.
In my day job I’m a financial analyst but my real passion lies with teaching and helping others grow. That’s why I recently became a certified leadership trainer and coach and got my own project off the ground (Oana O’Brien – Leadership Trainer & Coach). I spend some of my spare time facilitating online mastermind groups and workshops on personal growth, effective communication and leadership training. I spend the rest of my free time volunteering and fundraising with Love is Kind, a project I’ve seen go from concept to action over the last year. I started out as a sounding board for Irina’s ideas and have since helped with community development by beating the drum across social media about our mission and purpose. I continue to also fundraise alongside my husband for his next marathon, the 2016 Boston Marathon, where he will again raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital and the research and treatment of pediatric brain tumors, Moya Moya disease, and Sturge Weber syndrome.”

~ Oana O’Brien


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