time is running out……

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child. A child’s life is not a snapshot from a commercial with always smiling faces and easy solutions… It’s tough to always be a good mom or dad to your kid no matter your financial situation or social status as raising a child means so much more then that. Being present, patient and caring can make a difference!
Every step counts. Every donation matters. Love Is Kind.

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“The gift that lasts a lifetime” is our team’s last fundraising campaign for this year where one child or one family with children is being helped by Love is Kind. There are only 11 days left when our page on Booster will close and t-shirts will be sent to our donors! Please show us some love & kindness and share, like, donate and spread the word by clicking the link below!

You can also donate towards our last project on GoFundMe website.

Moving forward, we will shift our attention to one of our annual group projects where multiple children will benefit from our fundraising activities. We are very excited about this project so stay tuned as we will make the announcement about it soon!

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Big Thank you to our Donors+Supporters!

Behind every donation there is someone with a big heart and lots of compassion.

Below are some of the encouraging comments donors have left. To everyone who is supporting Love is Kind – THANK YOU.

If haven’t gotten a chance, but would like to help out, there is still time to do so at:GoFundMe, or purchase a t-shirt on