Our objectives and strategy: Moldova is a small Eastern-European country that is fighting poverty and mass migration of its population. With a poorly managed basic social service and almost the lack of a proper governmental help, parents are forced to leave their children behind in search for a better job (and a better life) outside the country. As such, children become artificially “abandoned” by their parents, being raised by their grandparents, relatives or even placed in orphanages. If they are lucky, and that is a big “if”, they will see their parents once or maybe even twice a year and that will become their reality for many years ahead.

Moldova has 47 orphanages holding a total of 7,000 children. Only 2% of these children are truly orphans…The deploring conditions in these state-run institutions are an outcry and these are definitely not a place for a child to be properly raised and educated.


Having that in mind, we would like to accomplish two main goals with our efforts and your help:


  1. Help to alleviate child suffering by providing material support and creating various programs that will help children to further develop themselves and will help us monitor their progress.
  2. Inspire and engage others, to be more proactive to issues like these. To offer the possibilities of giving back to the world and primarily, to every suffering child.


Our plan is to use available to us social media, fundraising websites and a tight group of people to spread the word to everyone about our mission and most importantly about individual or group cases that were presented to us and need our help. We will also collaborate with various, already-existing entities in Moldova and/or interested and qualified individuals to create the development and monitoring programs (discussed above) based on the children’s specific needs.


We promise:

  • To provide full transparency to our donors and beneficiaries.
  • To commit to every case and cause presented to us and see it through, ensure its success.
  • To continue monitor progress.
  • Invite every child in need to become our friend and part of our community.


Love Is Truly Kind- Help Us Show That To Every Child in Moldova (and across the world).