Love is Kind was founded by three young mothers and good friends: Irina Basarabeanu (President), Tatiana Pisarski (Vice-President/Treasurer), and Liliana Stamati (Vice-President/ Secretary). Originally from Moldova, we have found our home and built our lives in the United States. All three of us have great love and passion for kids, a feeling that has been strengthened by us becoming mothers of some amazing, little bundles of joy and happiness. This charity represents the realization of a dream long past due for all three of us… And this is our way of giving back to our native country.

As we all leave in different cities in US, we started the process with our first Skype meeting in January 2015. We all agreed that our ultimate goal is to show Kind Love to every child by providing them the opportunity to live and be raised in a loving and caring home. We want to achieve that by first reaching out and helping abandoned and neglected children from Moldova and then continuing our work in every country around the world.

Our children are our main source of inspiration. They have really helped us see life from a different perspective…one of a child’s. They have become an extension of us and our hearts and we will be eternally grateful to have them in our lives…Looking into our children’s eyes we could see their unconditional need for our love, care and support and we strongly believe that no child should be deprived from the love of his parents and the hope or even a promise of having a happy childhood.

 “Reap what you sow” is what our mothers would often say to us. Transposing that to the idea of raising a child we realized that teaching and showing a child kindness and unconditional love will help him see the world as a better place and we’ll be able to raise a more compassionate and considerate adult.  We hope that by investing in a child’s future today we can make a difference and change a life for better in the future.

Therefore, we often ask people to think of their happiest childhood memory and then try to recreate or bring that same joy to an abandoned or abused/sick child…a child in need for our help and attention. We truly hope that we can bring the best in people around the world and encourage everyone to join our cause and make it their own.

With that said we would like to thank everyone for all the help and consideration provided to us so far! Along the way, we have encountered tremendous support, both from friends and family, as well as people all over the world. We were pleasantly surprised to find people (from both Moldova and USA) willing to share their ideas and time, to show us a great amount of encouragement and assistance and essentially to become part of this organization.

We count on each and every one of you to participate and contribute:

  • with beautiful, inspiring ideas,
  • time and effort, and
  • the ultimate passion to build Love is Kind into a successful public charity.

The generosity and kindness of people like you makes it possible for us to hope for a better future for every orphaned or neglected child.

Thank you!

~3Moms (Love Is Kind)