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New partner for our Christmas Campaign…

Today we are launching a wonderful campaign- “Mara Winter Hats- Buy One, Give One”!

Together – with all of you and Love is Kind organization – we set ourselves a goal to warm up as many kids in need as possible. Only in December, by buying one of our classic beanies, we will donate another one, plus 10% to the Love is Kind organization, that will make sure that all of them reach out to all the kids in need. Are you in?
Order your beanie online, and we will make another one for a kid, purchase here: Mara store.
International delivery available.


About MARA:

Mara Woman aims to create a favorable environment, where women have access to jobs, information, trainings and a community worth living in.

By buying this product, you are contributing to the creation of job opportunities for women in the rural areas and social projects in their community.



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Gift of a Lifetime…update

Dear friends,

Together with CCF we managed to buy a home for the single mother (Diana) with two little children! (Gift of a Lifetime project) They moved into their new home and they are so excited about it. There is still some paperwork that needs to be done but hopefully we’ll be able to receive all the necessary documents within a month. The cost of the house was $1,990 of which we contributed $620 and HHC (CCF UK) provided with the rest, a total of $1,270.


We have also transferred the rest of the donated money from GoFundMe to CCF – a total of $612 (net amount w/out the transfer fees). These funds will be used in the purchase of a house for the grandma and her two grandkids!


We would like to thank everyone again for all the support and help with these 2 projects! Only together we were able to make their dreams come true!

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In the Spirit of Christmas…

2/10/16 Update: We have great news: In January, our volunteers managed to distribute most of the donations collected during our Christmas campaign to 9 families or a total of 30 children. Thank you everyone for all your help and support! 

PS: see below for pictures and some receipts! Also, see our Facebook page for more details!

We are presenting to you today our new fundraising campaign – “In the Spirit of Christmas!” Winter holidays are fast approaching and we are all starting to feel a bit more like the child that we were one day- one full of hope, innocence and imagination! Those cherished times, when our dreams would come true and fairy tales and Santa Claus were real. So today we ask of you to remember your happiest Christmas day and then try to recreate or bring that same joy to an abandoned, abused or sick child…a child in need for our help and attention. And this is how we see our new campaign! We want to show these children that Santa Clause is real for them too. This campaign promotes our mentoring program that targets youth between ages of 18 to 23 years old that would like to give back to the community and become a mentor to a less fortunate child between ages of 6 to 18 years old. Love is Kind team would also like to raise awareness and encourage the spirit of volunteering in Moldova and we hope that you all can help us do that successfully!
Love is Kind doesn’t stop in helping children by providing with basic necessities; we want them to feel that they are a part of our family. Remember the story of Kate and Victor -(
Well, our plan is to do the following:
1. For one year, the organization will sponsor monthly trips for the brother and sister and for so many other kids just like them, to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. There, our young volunteers will introduce them to the world of art through various visits to the museum, theater, opera, bookstores and so many other fun things that otherwise these children would never get to experience on their own.
2. Our young mentors will commit to this program for at least one year and they will share their knowledge, time and experience with their mentees.
3. The raised funds will help the organization to pay for the children’ transportation costs, various activities in the city and meals. The more funds we raise, the more kids will be able to join this wonderful program!
We invite you to help Santa put 12 unforgettable trips under these children’ Christmas tree. Thank you!
You can make donations here: “Spirit of Christmas campaign”.



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While waiting in lines for Black Friday deals, read the story of another beautiful soul and beloved Love is Kind partner:
“Hi, my name is Veronica Kirk. I am currently living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I’ve been married to my husband Timothy for 5 years and we have a one year old daughter Carolina. I was born in Serpeni, Republic of Moldova. Living there I have seen firsthand the challenges many young children go through and that made me get involved with Love Is Kind Charity where I have the opportunity to help children. Love is Kind is a great outlet for me to give back to the children in need in my own country Moldova.
Love Is Kind. Help us prove it to the world!”


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Happy Thanksgiving!

On the occasion of Thanksgiving we want to thank you very much for all your support! Until now CCF Moldova and Love is Kind raised a little over $2.000 of the $4.500 for the purchase of the two houses. Unfortunately, the donations cover the expenses of only one house. This isn’t an easy decision for the LIK team because we got attached to both families. As this is the last week until GoFundMe will be closed we kindly ask you to donate and share our message!
We wish you a happy Thanksgiving!


We are one week away from starting our next fundraising campaign. In the meantime, please meet another beloved member and partner Love is Kind- Michael Ungureanu:

“Dear friends! In this current turbulent age we are living in, it is very important to preserve values like kindness and generosity. That is why I accepted with no hesitation to become part of the family “Love is kind” since it has a noble aim of bringing smiles to less fortunate children from Republic of Moldova. I strongly think that a small gesture from us can be a turning point in the life of a child and support his belief in a loving and kind world around him. I hope that this non-profit organization will unite people from all other the world in order to share love and happiness in as much houses as it is possible because Love is Kind and everybody should feel it.” Mihai Ungureanu.


Patience is the Key word today


Mariana Madan

As promised on Monday, today we come to you with another beautiful soul and Love is Kind partner- Mariana Madan! Mariana will play a very important role in one of our future programs! Stay tuned as we will make that public very soon! 🙂
Her Story:

“Hello everyone! My name is Mariana and I am from Chisinau, Moldova. As a student, I have volunteered in various non-governmental organizations in order to contribute to our society. Moreover, I was always affected by those people who do not have many opportunities in life, who come from vulnerable families especially, children from orphanages. I have always tried to help because I believe that these children deserve a better life, as it is not their fault that they are in a situation like this. Love is Kind, is a perfect organization through which we all can contribute by helping people in need. Through this organization, I want to help to raise awareness of the society and try to find a solution together. Dear friends, someone’s life is in our hands, and someone is waiting for our help.
Let’s not be indifferent, because, Love is Kind! Help us prove it to the world.”


Say a prayer…

Today we send our best thoughts to little Delia! Diana Berari, the girl’s mother asks all of us to pray for their child. Delia is in a coma for 8 days already. We know Diana personally; she has been working with children with disabilities in Moldova for many years.

There are no such cases as “ours” or “theirs”, there are children who need help! Love is Kind team never stays indifferent to any children in difficulties!


Inna Damaschin

Today’s we’re featuring Inna, as one of Love is Kind‘s partners:

“My name is Inna and I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in Tighina, Moldova! Despite my age, sometimes I still feel like a child; maybe this is why I love children and I have always felt so much compassion for all the suffering kids around the world. I know that great things can happen and change this world for the better when each one of us will decide to be a part of this change. I believe Love is always Kind and at the end of the day just Love matters, just Love makes us happy, and just Love will save us all! Because it is such a joy to know that you made a child smile, I already decided that if I can help anybody I will do it without any hesitation. No matter how far I live from my home country I will never forget about my roots and the people that are still living there!”
Inna Damaschin
Job: Store Manager
Lives in: Hickory, NC, USA
Hometown: Tighina (Bender), Republic of Moldova


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