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Toys for kids in Moldova

Immigrant Integration Association of France” has a noble initiative. In the month of January and February they will collect toys for children in Moldova. We support similar humanitarian projects, and we’re grateful that this organization thought about the children of Love is Kind families as beneficiaries for their project. Kindness does not have borders!

More info about their initiative:


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“Sweet Medicine” project

For the past 10 years, nothing has been updated in the Pediatrics section of the Nisporeni Regional hospital. However, Love is kind, along with the city mayor – Grigore Robu, who promised to support us in this project by finding volunteers, providing premises to meet and fund-raise, etc… would like to renovate the children’s section of the hospital to improve the conditions for future kids who will be hospitalized.

With the help of the city citizens and other big-hearted people we can help kids who have to get through sickness. Please consider donating here: Sweet Medicine project.


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„Pilula Dulce: Copilul meu e sănătos” – campanie de colectare de fonduri pentru reamenajarea spitalului de copii din Nisporeni

Organizația de caritate „Love is Kind” anunță lansarea campaniei de colectare de fonduri „Pilula Dulce – Copilul meu e sănătos”, proiect de reamenajare a secției de pediatrie din spitalul raional, Nisporeni. Campania se va desfășura concomitent în Statele Unite ale Americii și Republica Moldova în perioada 5 ianurie 2016 – 30 aprilie 2016. Obiectivul campaniei: Dotarea secției pediatrice din spitalul raional Nisporeni cu echipamentul medical și mobila necesară bunei funcționări.


Update (4/12/16):

Our next target in „Sweet Medicine” project: the toilet.

Now we’re looking for sponsors who can help us to make the “very bad smelling oddor” to disapear. If you know someone who can help us or would like to get involved in our project, please, let us know.

UPDATE (1/21/16):

“Sweet Medicine” project should make everyone alarmed with the current non-sanitary conditions of the hospitals in Moldova. On this picture you see a mom and a baby of a few months who are hospitalized at the Nisporeni hospital. They’re missing basic necessities: a crib, a bed for mom, who had to bring her own bed sheets. You’ll notice there is water on the batter (by the window) being warmed up, as the hospital only has cold water.


We invite you to join our project, donate and get involved however you can. You can donate here: Generosity.

UPDATE: cont bancar


 Programul „Pilula Dulce – Copilul meu e sănătos” lansat azi de Love is Kind, în colaborare cu autoritățile publice locale și întreaga comunitate din raionul Nisporeni, a fost creat cu scopul de a oferi condiții sanitare și de îmbunătăți calitatea actului medical de care au nevoie copiii din Republica Moldova. Irina Basarabeanu, fondatoarea organizației: „Dorim să (more…)

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Happy 2016!

Happy New Year Everyone! We find ourselves today at the beginning of a new year and at an end of another of our campaigns: The campaign « In the Spirit of Christmas » is about to start the implementation of the mentoring project for a group of vulnerable children from Moldova. Before that, Love is Kind plans to surprise its beneficiaries with various presents.

This week our partner – EduJoc offered to donate games and toys specifically targeted to the children’s ages. At the same time EduJoc wants to continue the fundraising through the sales of the below sets in January and February! We encourage you to buy from EduJoc and to make not just your kinds happy, but also those who live in difficulties! We thank you in advance! We also thank EduJoc for their support!


(picture via

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Olsa Shoes

During our campaign « In the Spirit of Christmas » we managed to attain many beautiful results, and we will present them to you in the following weeks. Today, we want to mention the donation from Olsa Shoes, a workshop of high quality handmade shoes with over 30 years of experience, located in Chisinau, Moldova. The staff from Olsa Shoes learned about Love is Kind through our partner – Mara Woman and offered 10 pairs of shoes for the children who are included in our projects. We already have the list of the beneficiaries and they will receive their presents in the nearest future!


We have been touched by the willingness of Olsa Shoes to join us! We thank them very much for their generosity, and also thank Mara Woman for adding a new partner to our list of supporters!

To read more about Olsa, click here.

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CCF Moldova Partner

We’d like to send a big Thank You to CCF Moldova who is one of our external partners and has been suporting us since “Love is Kind” started. CCF stands for: Child, Community, Family…and is ‘a team of people working to give every child the opportunity to grow up in a loving family’.

Their vision:

“To dream of a world where all our children will enjoy a happy childhood and will have a smile, these children will enjoy the love, care and protection of a family”.

And Mission:

“To create a hopeful and respectful environment for children where they can develop to their full potential; we do this by offering practical tools for a positive change in the lives of children, families and the community.”


Click here to read more about CCF Moldova.

Update on our Christmas campaign

We are in the middle of « In the Spirit of Christmas » campaign, that collects funds for vulnerable children in Moldova. The beneficiaries will be involved in a mentoring program and various social and cultural activities, that will help them see the beautiful side of the life. Many partners joined our campaign, and EduJoc is one of them.

Victoria Novac, the owner, is happy to help us, because for her EduJoc is not just a business, but also a possibility for charity. EduJoc promotes the concept of developmental toys, and they also offered many trainings for the parents of children with disabilities. We thank Victoria for her willingness to help!
We encourage you to buy toys from EduJoc to help us collect the funds, but also to make your children happy with educational toys!


Thank you!

Big THANK YOU to Alo Bebe for interviewing the 3 founders, and for helping us spread Love through Love is Kind.

See the interview here: Alo Bebe interview (in Romanian).


Happy week-end!

Even though we strive to help more families in need, and start new fundraising campaigns, Love is Kind does not forget those who we have helped previously. And, in particular we’d like to THANK Lucia Plamadeala, who donated 400 MD lei for the 2 kids from our previous cause: Victor and Ecaterina. This money will go towards covering their travel expenses to go and see a dentist for a year (free dental services are offered by Tăbîrţă family, THANK YOU!).
Once again- big THANK YOU to everyone who helps us in our causes (current, as well as previous)…we couldn’t have done it without you!


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Partnership with EduJoc

If you want to be part of Santa’s team this year, EduJoc  and Love is Kind can make your dream come true! Buying any of the 6 sets of toys (see at the bottom w/ links), you will bring lots of Christmas joy not just to your kids but to disadvantaged children as well! You will benefit of 10% reduction from the original price and other 20% will be donated for the implementation of our “Christmas Spirit” project!

Shop here:


About EduJoc (in Romanian):

Suntem o echipa de tineri entuziasti care ne manifestam grija pentru generatiile viitoare, ne place sa credem ca putem contribui alaturi de parinti si educatori la formarea educarea si cresterea armonioasa a unei genaratii noi, pe care noua ne place so numim generatia Edujoc. Victor Hugo care spunea: ,,cu fiecare copil pe care-l educăm, câştigăm un om”, noi ne dorim sa castigam cat mai multi oameni!
      Am creat EduJoc pentru a promova dezvoltarea mintală, învățarea continuă și activă în rândul copiilor. Propunem o gamă largă de jocuri de rol și jucării educaționale extrem de utile pentru a stimula și valorifica potențialul creativ al copiilor.
      Jucariile noastre nu sunt jucarii obisnuite, sunt jucarii cu mult suflet, iar valoarea pe care o gereaza acestea depasesc cu mult pretul platit, sunt jucarii de care copiii nu se vor plictisi niciodata!
     Oferim jucarii cu valoare, jucarii care sa contribuie la dezvoltarea abilitatilor esentiale la copii, acompaniem si ajutăm părinții să le ofere copiilor cele mai bune și potrivite jucării, pentru ca este foarte important ca jucaria sa fie potrivita varstei si temperamentului copilului, adica jucaria potrivita la momentul potrivit!

– See more at:



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